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Collision Deductible Waiver

you are exempt from deductibles that must be paid to us for repair of the vehicle. This means that it will pay your collision deductible if your car is damaged in an accident with an uninsured driver. | 대여한 차량의 사고로 렌트카 차량의 수리시 지불해야하는 디덕터블을 면제해주는 프로그램. (Price : $9.95 per day)

Collision damage waiver

With CDW, avoid paying for damage to our vehicle with no additional out of pocket expense & no increase to your personal policy due to an incident. | 사고 또는 부주의에 의한 렌트카에 발생한 손상에 대한 면책. (Price : $14.95 per day)

Liabilty coverage

SLI protects you from any claims that others may make against you, as a result of an accident. Subject to policy limits. | 사고에 의해 상대편의 손실이 발생하는 부분에 대한 면책 보험 (Price : $13.95 per day)

Personal accident coverage

PAE protects you and your passengers in case of an accident or worse, while also providing up to $1,800 in coverage for your belongings during your trip. | 사고에 의해 발생하는 렌트카 운전자와 동승자에 대한 보상으로 총 $1,800 까지 제공되어지는 보험 (Price : $9.95 per day)

Unlimited mileage

Mileage limit : 150/day but if you need unlimited mileage, the charge will be $14.99 per day. | 장거리 여행자를 위한 무제한 마일리지 옵션 (단, 영업을 목적으로는 렌트카 적용 불가) (Price : $14.95 per day)

Additional Driver

+ -
Named driver – or, as it’s sometimes called, additional driver – insurance, refers to the cover someone gets when they’re added to your policy. It means you’ve told your insurance provider that someone other than you might drive your car. | 주운전자외에 한명을 추가로 운전자 등록이 가능하며, 추가시 동일한 서류가 요구됩니다. (Price : $5.95 per day)
+ -
Need help getting around? Try one of our GPS navigation devices that are now available for rent. (Price : $7.95 per day)

Child Booster Seat

+ -
Bemycarusa features child restraint systems that conform to government standards. The booster seat is designed for children that are not large enough for a seat belt. This seat will raise the child and allow the seat belt to rest across the collar bone and chest. (Price : $4.95 per day)


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